Bartending Service

display of liquor bottles Our bartending service comes with all of the tools needed to preform our jobs with flair and professionalism. We pride ourselves in helping our clients by giving them a detailed shopping list with recommendations on quanities and brands of "spirits" for the event. We also assist our clients by creating some of the best cocktails and shots to fit almost any theme and color from the event.

Our prices depend on a wide array of factors, from the number of guests to the location of the event. Please give us a call at (254) 412-8344 to get more informaion or you can Click Here to fill out our contact form and we will contact you at the desired time you indicated.

Coffee/Water Service

coffee serviceWhen your caterer leaves, so does their beverage service thus bartenders are frequently asked for bottled water and coffee for the rest of the evening. Clients oftern forget about bottled water and coffee isn't even a thought. What better way to insure the safety of guests at the end of an evening of dirinking than with gourmet coffee and bottled water? Basic service includes: Gourmet coffee, flavored creamers, sugar/substitutes, cups, stir sticks, and bottled water. Clients may customize their package by adding hot teas, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider.

Candy Buffet Service

coffee displayWith our new candy buffet service, you may choose your favorite candies, chocolates, and other goodies to be showcased at your next event! Whether you want an assortment of candies, colors, or specific ones, let us take away the hassle of planning and decorating your elegant yet fun candy display! Your candy will be uniquely displayed with beautiful L.E.D. lighting.